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We suggest asking them to refuse planning permission to build on Nine Acre Field, and cite some or all of the following reasons:

1) The field is one of the last remaining green spaces in Wrexham town centre. Once this field is lost, it is lost forever.

2) The Councils plan goes against ALL Welsh Government and local planning policies (TAN16, CLF4, CF1 etc) with regards to the loss of open space.

3) The increase in traffic will cause major issues for local residents and commuters alike. There are serious safety issues which are being swept under the carpet. Coaches are being allowed to cross the central line of a busy road, and whilst this is acknowledged by the Council, there are no detailed plans to mitigate the risk.

4) Road re-alignment on Chester Road / Rhosnesni Lane roundabout is required, three new entry points on Rhosnesni Lane are planned, but the application as submitted is not fit for purpose. Because of the coach swept path issue, a detailed road layout should be drawn up before the application is decided.

5) The field provides an essential surface water drainage function. Climate change will bring heavier and prolonged rainstorms more frequently. Because the area is immediately adjacent to a known flood-risk area (as detailed in the Councils own flood risk management plan), it would be wise to submit a Sustainable Drainage Plan before determination in this particular case. However, due to the overly large amount of hard-standing required by the school, its not even clear if a SuDS is possible.

6) There are other more suitable sites which the Council is refusing to consider. The Groves field has been proven large enough for a new 420 place primary school. It is no longer required by Wrexham AFC, and has been used for education purposes in the past. Why is this location not being considered by the Council? With the dramatic cost increases in building materials, even refurbishing the former Grove Park School may now be a perfectly valid option.

7) The application makes no attempt to deal with unintended consequences. Traffic to the proposed school will pass other schools that already have their own traffic and parking problems. Rhosddu Primary is a few hundred metres away, and has no on-site, on-street, or designated drop off area whatsoever. The traffic flowing along Prices Lane at peak times already means a short journey to Plas Coch Primary School from the Maesydre area can take up to 30 minutes. Similar problems are likely to occur outside Borras Park School, Rhosnesni High School etc.

8) The Council suggests that traffic to the school will reduce over time, as more parents who live locally to Nine Acre Field decide to send their children to St Marys. However, there is no data to back this statement up. It is worth remembering that St Marys has a RESTRICTIVE admissions policy, and that nationally, 76% of Catholic schools de-prioritise admissions from children who are either in care, or have been in care.

Add any other reasons that you feel are important and are valid for refusing planning permission. See our main website (link below) for more details.

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