We are a group of people who live in the areas surrounding Nine Acre Field, near the centre of Wrexham. We're concerned about the lack of green space in our neighbourhoods and are determined to save the field for future public use.

Like most people who live in the town and surrounding villages, we're already worried about the lack of green space. Developments seem to be appearing everywhere. Losing the Nine Acre Field will only make matters even worse.

The quality of life in the town centre is under attack. The same story is being played out all across the borough. The town has been earmarked for growth by the Welsh Assembly, but that doesn't mean it should become a sprawling urban expanse. The well being of the people who already live here is being taken for granted.

There's a domino effect - lose Nine Acre Field and we could lose the others. Green spaces we stop from being developed today will be the community sanctuaries of tomorrow. Their importance is recognised internationally and whilst there is some legislation in place to tie the hands of developers and Councils, nothing is guaranteed so we must work hard to protect what's left.

We are fighting to save Nine Acre Field for our children, our grand-children and anyone else who just wants to connect with nature, walk their dog, chat with a neighbour, breathe clean air, excercise, play or just sit and watch the birds. 

On Saturday 31st August 2019, just four weeks after our group formed, we ran a public meeting at Rhosddu Community Centre, which was attended by 130 people. The meeting was reported by local and national news media. More importantly, the strength of feeling we tapped into at the meeting gave us the confidence to continue and intensify our efforts.

Thank you for all your support so far.