**Some of this content is old. The latest information can be found on the Outline Planning Application page**

Wrexham Council re-launched it's Pre-Planning Consultation on Monday 20th July, running until it closed on Sunday 16th August 2020. The Council has promised that any responses sent before the first consultation was suspended will still be valid and recorded.

The Nine Acre Campaign Group, with financial support from many in the local community, commissioned an independent planning consultant to review the Councils proposal and investigate whether it meets current local and national planning guidance. Their report was delivered to the consultation on Tuesday 11th August 2020. A full copy of their report can be found here.

Our view is that the new St Marys Primary School building will be identical to the recently completed Gwenfro CP School, which is primarily a steel frame with aluminium insulated panels to form the outer skin. This construction technique is low cost and is similar to many retail stores built over the past 20 years or so. Estimated lifespan of such a building is around 35 to 40 years.


The new St Marys School will be almost identical to Gwenfro CP School, Queensway, Wrexham


The entrance to the school will be along Rhosnesni Lane, opposite The Beeches. There will be a 55 space car park for staff, and a 75 space car park for parents. There will also be a new bus bay constructed along Chester Road to allow 6 coaches to bring in pupils from other areas.

The area taken by the school, and car parks, amount to almost 50% of the existing field. This is an unacceptable amount of green space to be lost, in a time when we are supposed to be protecting the planet and making every effort to reduce our carbon footprint.



Design & Access Statement

Datganiad_Dylunio_a_Mynesdiad (Cymraeg)

Indicative 3D Street Views

Indicative 3D Views

Indicative Elevations

Indicative Site Plan

Planning Forms


Consultation Responses:

The Council refuses to publish the responses it got to the Pre-Application Consultation. We do know they had several hundred objections, but the numbers they reported on an FOI was significantly lower than the quantity that their architects tallied up. Perhaps maths isn't the Councils strong point?

In the interests of transparency (something Wrexham Council knows very little about) we are publishing a redacted version of the report. You can read it here.